Contemporary Dance Shoes

As you know, most of the styles of Contemporary Dance are performed barefoot. Here you will find the Contemporary Dance Shoes and Foot protectors, but also the special shoes for Rhythmic Gymnastics Artistic Gymnastics shoes. Shop our Cheap Modern Dance Shoes and Contemporary Dance Shoes. Our shoes are perfect for all the demands of art.

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  • Protections for Contemporary Dance

    Are specific protections foot thongs, halfway between the shoe and sock, Protections for Contemporary Dance which you'll find on this page, an indispensable help to protect your feet during long hours of lecture and test or when the choreography requires. Quality materials and fair prices are the strengths of our products such as whole collection Altrovedanza. Here Dance Foot thongs and Dance Gear for sale with unbeatable prices.

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    Simply perfect these Rhythmic Gymnastics Shoes with only the tip, intended to protect the plant and fingers in frequent pirouettes and landings from jumps. Rhythmic Gymnastics Shoes allow the freedom of the bare foot. The adhesion to the foot is ensured by double elastic. Leather upper, suede sole, with a smoothness suitable to absorb the impact. The...

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  • Sansha Foot Thongs "Chris" Slip-on foot thongs .Protects the ball of the foot.Open toes. Leather sole. Perfect for Modern and Contemporary. Sansha Foot Thong allows the sliding but at the same time it favors the adhesion to the ground. Available in colour: Flash. Sizes S-M-L

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