About us

Altrove is an organization aimed at the world of dance.

We offer solutions of clothing for ballet and modern dance, dance shoes,ballet pointe shoes, dance costumes, flamenco clothing and much more.

We started in a living room in 2004 and since then we are constantly working to build our company.

Our background is creative, we love our work and we believe that the work is much more than making money,

so we are totally committed to produce and distribute only high quality products but at the same time at the lowest price in the market!

Our Services

The constant creative development and the most advanced technological research, allow us to offer high quality products and sophisticated design. Our creations are made according to the most accurate production systems tailoring. The products of Altrove creations are handmade on the basis of patterns prepared by a team of creative engineers (dancers, tailors and teachers).

All products are Sewn, Finished, Controlled, Iron and Packed by hand.

5 steps to ensure a quality finished product. Vendors working for Altrove endorse the company's legal ethics, which prohibits categorically: child labor, forced labor and discrimination. It also guarantees the rights of workers, healthy environment, and salary in accordance with and incentives to the most deserving.

All prototypes contained in the catalog or on our website can be made on request, in Cotton, Lycra, where applicable also network, lace and lurex.

We have included a comprehensive colour chart that includes all the colours and materials available.