Payment Methods

Products in stock (means of payment).

1) Payment may be effected by the following channels or means:

- Bank transfer

- Postepay

- Paypal

- Cash on delivery (only for products in stock, exclusive to schools or sellers).


2) Whatever the form of payment, please indicate in the Order Form a phone number landline or mobile indispensable for tracing in case of need.

3) We accept credit cards Visa Electron -MASTERCARD -Visa - protected by Verified Visa and Mastercard Secure Code. For any other information, the customer must contact the Bank that issued the card.

4) Payment by bank transfer must be made within 7 days from the order in favour of:

Payee: BCC SRL


IBAN: IT 88 G030 3226 3000 1000 0000 536

In the reason for payment the customer must indicate the number of the order.

After the payment by bank transfer, the order is not processed, (which are produced in shops or products manufactured on request), until the amount is not received on their current account.

It is option of the customer to send a copy of the bill of the bank transfer by email at

It remains Altrovedanza right to accept, to faith and to document certifying the payment, in particular for credit transfers sent via online banking.

5) The goods will be ready within the timing established and shown on the website, but will not be delivered until the completion of payment or of the document referred in paragraph 4.

6) The delivery times stated on the purchase, will commence upon receipt of payment.

7) The mode of payment on delivery includes telephone confirmation prior to processing order, the Seller will contact the customer by telephone to the address provided by you at registration or in the specific order; using the method of payment cash on delivery will be able to shop for a maximum of 999,00 EUR shipping, right of cash on delivery and VAT included. Cash on delivery is an additional charge of € 5.00. Please note that the our couriers not accept payment other than cash.


Tailor-made products (means of payment).

For tailor-made products you need a deposit equal to 50% at booking by bank transfer, PayPal and PostePay charging and balance upon delivery, or everything in advance to avoid so delays and possible cost of cash on delivery.

By choosing the method of payment by bank transfer, once placed the order you need to follow these steps:

the reason for the bank transfer must state the number and date of the order, the name and surname of the customer;

The bank transfer must be made in favour of:

Payee: BCC SRL


IBAN: IT 88 G030 3226 3000 1000 0000 536

Reason for payment (Order Number)

The banking practice provides that the credit transfer is credited to the account of

payee (BCC SRL) not earlier than 1/3 days from its execution.

As a result, these days will be added to the days between the date of the order and the date on which the customer can arrange a bank transfer.

The order is confirmed on the day of the deposit of bank transfer

After the expiry of 7 days from the date of acceptance of the order without BCC SRL has received the credit of the banking, Altrovedanza will cancel the order.